Box Sash Window Repairs

MADEC  covers every aspect of your Sash Window Repairs which include all of the above features:

If you love the period charm and look of your wooden sliding sash windows but hate the draughts, rattles, rot and heat loss that can also be part and parcel with an older property then you need help from the experts. With many years’ experience repairing windows throughout East Grinstead and the surrounding area we know how to get the most from your windows.

Traditional timber sash windows are an essential feature of a period buildings character and provide an authentic look to your property. Therefore it is important to retain the original windows and not replace them with out of place looking uPVC style modern windows.

Also known as a sliding sash or vertical sliders, they rely on a weighted system that allows the heavy sashes to lift and fall with ease. In order for the sashes to move in the box and operate smoothly, there is a 3mm gap between the sash and the frame. which is often the cause of draughts, rattles, dust and rain penetration and heat loss. Dating back over 300 years sash windows as we recognise them today have steadily evolved as technology and fashion have changed. At one time, due to a punitive window tax, the size of your window pane was seen as an indicator of your wealth.

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